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Herndon Garage Door

Increase your home’s curb appeal and overall value by updating your old garage door. It’s a relatively affordable home improvement project that you can do right away if you want to put your house on the market. Call our Herndon garage door specialists now at (703)543-9748 and we can recommend the most cost effective solutions for your requirements.   

A lot of people trust their overhead Herndon garage door way too much. They become complacent, thinking that material of the garage door is strong enough to thwart thieves from breaking in. What you might not know is that there are many ways that a burglar can get into your home through your garage door---for example, they can take advantage of an unsecure emergency release. Here are a few tips to securing your garage door:
Request regular maintenance from technicians. You might not know it but the parts of your garage door have corroded, making it easy to force open. A technician can check for anything that may be wrong with your door.
Cover up windows. Most garage doors have windows on top, providing easy access to peeping eyes. Invest in frosted window glass or simply put up covers on the window.
Use an extra padlock for out of town trips. Aside from the usual lock of the garage, put a padlock on the latch and secure the emergency release.
A simple inspection for your Herndon garage door from a technician can do wonders for your home security. Frederick MD Garage Door Repair has staff with years of experience in garage doors. From installation to replacement of parts, we can offer quality service at a price that you can afford. Contact Frederick MD Garage Door Repair through our online form here on our website. For emergency service, call (301)679-5232.
Herndon Garage Door

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